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Current Events in our Nation
Posted 6/2/20

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Dear Newport-Mesa community,

I am most proud that last year our district carried the mantle of protecting the human rights of our students.  It was one year ago when our Jewish students suffered the cruelty and injustice of hate in our community.  While we focused on the injustices at hand, we learned that many other students and their families had also experienced incidents of hate and discrimination. As a district, we came together to defend our students and their rights by creating a Human Relations Task Force.  Together we committed to working toward a more understanding and accepting community.  As leaders, in protecting against injustice in our communities, we must support all efforts to make our nation, and our world, a better place for everyone.  We support and stand by all who are marginalized by injustice and seek a path to understanding, acceptance and respect for anyone who has suffered any level or type of injustice.  

Those involved in these efforts will eventually find a path to a more humane and peaceful future for all of us, but at the current moment the actions of a few are causing confusion, worry and fear.  For our students, this can be unsettling and in turn they may experience anxiety and distress.  We stand ready to support our students and recommend that if your child is experiencing stress due to the current news reports that you contact our Support and Care line at 714-424-5050 (select option 2). 

Together we can work to help our students sift through the confusing events underway.  By helping them make sense of the passionate pleas for justice being voiced by those fighting injustice today, we can help them become compassionate and caring individuals who will build the understanding and accepting culture in our schools that we have struggled mightily to create.

Superintendent Dr. Frederick Navarro