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Woodland Elementary School

Newport-Mesa Unified School District

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    ABsent Line

    Please call the Woodland absence line, 949-515-6862, when your child is absent from school.

    Pyramid of Success

    Woodland's character education program is based on Coach John Wooden's book, Inch and Miles - The Journey to Success. Throughout the journey, Inch and Miles find out the real meaning of success by meeting fourteen characters in the story who represent the values that will guarantee success. By the end of the journey, Inch and Miles understand that:

    Success isn't having trophies or toys.

    It isn't a medal or friends of your choice.

    What is Success? That's easy to see.

    It's trying to be the best that you can be!

    Don't worry what others may have or might say.

    When trying your best,

    Success comes your way.

    Thank you Coach John Wooden for allowing us to share your Pyramid of Success with our students.


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    Woodland Elementary School

    Welcome Dragons!

    The staff at Woodland Elementary is committed to helping students achieve success and self-confidence by providing a challenging academic program with an emphasis on literacy and math skills. As a staff, we believe in ensuring a safe, orderly and supportive learning environment; fostering student success at school; teaching high standards of behavior, responsibility and citizenship and encouraging all students to develop to the best of their ability, academically and socially. We believe that technology would be integrated throughout the curriculum and used as a tool to enhance student learning in all areas.